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Arcana is used to understand the laws and principles that govern the world. All magics, whether ultimately divine, arcane, or primal, follow certain arcane rules; the Arcana skill may thus be used to identify and explain them. Wizards use the Arcana skill in conjunction with their access to an arcane power source to perform their magics. Your Arcana Proficiency is based on your Intelligence. The Arcana skill incurs an armor check penalty if you are wearing armor or a shield.

Arcana Actions

Arcane LoreEdit

(at-will free actiontrained skill knowledge )



Arcana vs. the obscurity of the information.


You remember some particularly useful bit of arcane trivia that is applicable to the situation at hand.

Detect MagicEdit

(at-will extended actiontrained skill utility )



The area within Wisdom modifier squares around you
(Arcana vs. a difficulty determined by the aura or effect’s subtlety; one minute).


You become aware of any magical effects or auras within the area for which your check result exceeds that effect or aura’s difficulty, and their likely power source (primal, arcane, or divine).


You may make this roll for a particular effect or aura once per encounter or short rest.

Dispel Curse or EnchantmentEdit

(at-will standard actiontrained skill saving throw )



One ongoing magical condition that a save could end.
(Arcana vs. the condition’s save difficulty).


You dispel the condition.

Read MagicEdit

(at-will immediate actiontrained skill utility )



One magical effect or phenomenon that you can see.
(Arcana vs. a difficulty determined by the effect or phenomenon).


You become aware of that effect’s power source (primal, arcane, or divine), and gain a general sense of what it does. On a critical success, you gain a precise understanding of the effect and all its likely consequences.

Arcana Training Feats

If you have Expertise in Arcana, you may gain one of the following at-will feats each time you gain further training in Arcana.


(at-will ''per spell''expert Arcana expert training training)


Arcana expertise


A Cantrip is an at-will Wizard or Sorcerer spell. Each time you gain this expert training, you may specify a single at-will Wizard or Sorcerer spell from any school, and add it to your at-will feats. You may not learn at-will attack or strike spells as cantrips.

Cast RitualEdit

(at-will expertexpert Arcana training training)


Arcana expertise


You may attempt to cast one arcane ritual that you know whose level is less than or equal to your character level.

Imbue Arcane WonderEdit

(at-will extended actionexpert Arcana training)


Arcana expertise


You may attempt to turn a masterwork item into an arcane wonder, with an effect Level up to your character Level. You must have access to an arcane workshop, and possess the item's creation formula and all components necessary to create it.

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