Arcane mastery is an Evoker arcane class feature which helps Wizards to fulfill the striker role.

Arcane Mastery

(Evoker class feature)


(Level 0)

  • You gain additional training in the Arcana skill.
  • You gain a +1 class bonus to your Reflex defense.
  • You achieve a critical hit with attack spells on a natural attack roll of 19-20; whenever you achieve a natural 20 with an attack spell, you may inflict an additional arcane affliction on the target.

Class Metamagic

  • You gain the following metamagic:

Empower Spell

(per-encounter immediate actionstance metamagic)


Arcane Mastery


Until you end this stance, your attack spells achieve a critical hit on each natural roll of 18-20. You may end this stance as an immediate interrupt when you would miss one or more targets with a spell to re-roll each attack check that you do not like. You must use the second set of rolls, even if some of them are lower.

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