Arcane WardEdit

(per-encounter standard actiondefensive stance metamagic)


Arcane Abjuration


One burst 5 area that contains you.


Until you end this stance, the area becomes a zone that protects your allies and repels your enemies. Allies inside the zone may not be marked, and any marked allies become unmarked immediately upon entering the zone. If an enemy's attack or aura would target an ally inside the zone, that effect suffers a -1 penalty to its attack roll, and a penalty to damage equal to the higher of your Intelligence modifier or your Wisdom modifier.

When an enemy attempts to enter the zone, make an (Arcana vs. Will) attack as a free interrupt.


The creature is pushed outside the zone, and their movement ends.


You may sustain this effect as a free action so long as you are inside the zone, or as a standard action if you are outside the zone.