Battle Awareness is a Scout class feature which helps Fighters to fulfill the controller role.

Battle Awareness

(Scout class feature)


(Level 0)

Class Maneuver

  • You gain the following maneuver:

Scout Ahead

(per-encounter free reactionutility maneuver)


Battle Awareness


You roll Initiative.


The area within 10 + your Wisdom modifier paces of you in each direction
(Perception - no difficulty).


You may immediately choose one at-will stance that you know, and enter that stance as part of this action. You determine the number and nature of all creatures that have moved through the area within the past 24 hours whose stealth checks did not exceed your check result. You ascertain when and where they entered the area, and when and where they left. Until the end of the encounter, enemies within the burst gain a penalty to all Stealth checks equal to your Wisdom modifier, and you and your allies may ignore half your enemies' concealment or cover bonuses caused by terrain within the area. Whenever an ally misses an attack against an enemy within the area, you may slide that enemy one pace as a free reaction.

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