The Cleric focuses his divine faith into healing the injured, curing the sick, and guiding the faithful in their moment of need.

Cleric Class Features

The Cleric gains the following class features:

Weapon Proficiencies

As a priest, the Cleric gains training with flails, bludgeons, hammers, swords and crossbows.

Armor Proficiencies

As a priest, the Cleric gains training with light armor, heavy armor, and Shields.

Magic Proficiencies

As a priest, the Cleric can perform divine prayers and invocations, usually using the Religion skill. His magic damage bonus is equal to his Wisdom modifier.

Skill Proficiencies

As a priest, the Cleric gains training in Religion and History.
Additionally, divine healing grants training in Heal, and and guiding faith grants training in Insight.

Starting Feats

Divine Healing

(Cleric class feature)


(Level 0)

Class Prayer

  • You gain the following prayer:

Cure Light Wounds

(per-encounter immediate actionhealing prayer)


Divine Healing


You or one ally within 5 paces. You may perform this prayer at a higher effective rank to choose a number of additional targets equal to its effective rank.


You may perform this prayer as an immediate reaction when an ally within 5 spaces is bloodied or reduced to 0 hit points by an attack, but may only target that ally.


Each target may spend a healing reserve, and may choose to either gain a class bonus to their heal value equal to your Religion check modifier, or make a saving throw as a free reaction using the higher of their skill or your Religion skill.

Guiding Faith

(Cleric class feature)


(Level 0)


  • You gain the following invocation:

Divine Blessing

(daily immediate actionblessing invocation)


Guiding Faith


Each ally within 5 paces.


Until the effect is dispeled or the end of the encounter, the target gains a +1 feat bonus to all attack rolls, skill checks and saving throws.


Choose a Faith to specialize in as you begin play. You may choose one or both of your at-will maneuvers from that faith.

Sun domain

Training in Diplomacy, radiant glory.

Life domain

Training in Heal, harvest's bounty.

Wilderness domain

Training in Nature, new growth.

Earth domain

Training in Endurance, quaking wrath.

Creation domain

Training in Craft, heaven's forge.

Leveling Up

At each level, you gain new features and bonuses to increase your divine prowess:

Level 1

(1,000 XP)

Level 2

(3,000 XP)

Level 3

(6,000 XP)

Level 4

(10,000 XP)

Level 5

(15,000 XP)

Level 6

(21,000 XP)

Level 7

(28,000 XP)

Level 8

(36,000 XP)

Level 9

(45,000 XP)

Level 10

(55,000 XP)

Level 11

(65,000 XP)

  • You become a paragon hero, and your adventures pass beyond the scope of these rules.

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