Crafting a consecrated relic is an Divine ritual that uses the Religion skill. A consecrated weapon has an effective level; a character may only craft an imbued weapon whose level is less than or equal to his own.

Consecrated WeaponsEdit

To create a consecrated weapon, the crafter must first have a Masterwork weapon explicitly made to accept the divine consecration. The crafter must painstakingly inlay the prayers, runes and other holy designs with a fine powder of ritually prepared Orichalcum alloy and diamond dust. The total level of the weapon will equal the level of the Masterwork weapon plus the combined levels of all consecrations added.

A Consecrated Weapon may have any of the following enhancements, all of which require exotic materials:

Guided +1/+2/+3Edit

Oracular blessings along the weapon's length increase enhancement bonus to attack rolls by +1 against creatures opposed to the crafter's faith.

  • Level: +3, may be taken up to once per Accurate bonus.

Holy AvengerEdit

(+3 Accurate Weapon only) - By consecrating a weapon to a specific god, the servants of that god may wield it to smite their god's enemies. When wielded by anyone but a worshipper, the Holy Avenger operates as a simple Masterwork weapon, with whatever mundane bonuses have been imbued into it. However, when wielded by a devout follower of the blade's faith, the weapon gains an additional +3 bonus to attack rolls and deals +1dW additional radiant damage on a hit. Once per day, a devout wielder can cast Smite Foe against an avowed enemy of the blade's faith, dealing an additional +2d6+ target's level radiant damage and ignoring radiant resistance. For every two levels higher that the target is than the wielder, the attack deals an additional +1d6 radiant damage.

  • Level: +9.

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