At each odd level, a Rogue may choose a new class feature from the following options:

Role-based Class FeaturesEdit

You may choose one of the following eight role-based Class Features that you do not already possess. You gain that class feature and its accompanying bonuses, skill, and per-encounter trick.

Sneak Attack (Striker Feature)Edit

Perception, backstab, +1 Will, critical hit bonus

First Strike (Striker Feature)Edit

Streetwise, surprising feint, +1 Reflex, gain advantage on first turn

Nimble Evasion (Defender Feature)Edit

Acrobatics, nimble dodge, +1 Reflex, +1 hit points/level, Acrobatics proficiency bonus to Reflex

Distracting Caper (Defender Feature)Edit

Athletics, trick shift, +1 Fortitude, +1 hit points/level, Wisdom bonus to opportunity attacks

Bag of Tricks (Controller Feature)Edit

Craft, expert throw, +1 Will, hide tools

Legerdemain (Controller Feature)Edit

Thievery, sticky fingers, +1 Reflex, enemies slide on a miss

Encouraging Leader (Leader Feature)Edit

Perform, words of encouragement, +1 hit points/level, grant Charisma bonus to Will

Loremaster (Leader Feature)Edit

History, bardsong, +1 Fortitude, +5 to knowledge checks


You may gain a new talent that you do not yet know, and its associated proficiencies and per-encounter trick.

Dirty FightingEdit

Poison MasterEdit


Relic HunterEdit


Cunning VersatilityEdit

Choose one of the following options:

  • Gain two new Ranked tricks that you meet all criteria for.
  • Gain training in one Skill, armor or weapon group, and then gain one new Ranked trick that you meet all criteria for.

Rank 1 Tricks (Level 1+)Edit

Rank 2 Tricks (Level 3+)Edit

Rank 3 Tricks (Level 7+)Edit


If you have not yet chosen a hybrid or multi-class feature, choose your second character class now. Then, choose one class feature from your new character class. You now count as a member of both classes.

Multi-Class: DuelistEdit

Multi-Class: CharlatanEdit

Multi-Class: HexbladeEdit

Multi-Class: ExplorerEdit

Multi-Class: InquisitorEdit

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