Eldritch power is a Prodigy class feature which helps Sorcerers to fulfill the striker role.

Eldritch PowerEdit

(prodigy class feature)

Spellblood StrikeEdit

(daily standard actionattack metamagic)


Eldritch Power


Perform a basic melee attack, or an at-will or per-encounter attack that deals your bloodline's damage type. That attack's damage dice are maximized, and it deals additional damage of your bloodline's damage type based on your character level. You may add your [ magic damage bonus ] to the attack if the attack does not already include it.

  • Level 1: +1d12 damage.
  • Level 5: +2d12 damage.
  • Level 9: +3d12 damage.

When you choose an at-will spell, you may choose from the following options.