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Elemental SprayEdit

(at-will standard actionelemental attack spell)




Adjacent cone 3 (Arcana vs. Reflex)



1d10+[ magic damage bonus ] elemental damage.



If you do not prepare spells, you must learn a specific version of this spell when you choose it. You may learn one of the following ten spells:

  • Stone Spray (earth/petrification)
  • Rending Daggers (earth/force)
  • Freezing Spray (water/cold)
  • Acid Spray (water/acid)
  • Choking Spray (wood/poison)
  • Cloudpetal Spray (wood/psychic)
  • Lightning Discharge (wind/lightning)
  • Thunderwave (wind/thunder)
  • Blinding Flash (flame/radiant)
  • Burning Spray (flame/fire)

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