Elemental Magic manipulates the raw forces and materials of the physical world. All Elemental spells have one of five elemental aspects: earth, water, wood, wind, or flame; and have one of two polarity aspects: yin and yang. An elemental attack spell's damage types and effects are always based on its element and polarity, while elemental utility spells take advantage of the secondary properties of the elements. Some arcane healing magics are elemental in nature, usually utilizing properties of the element of wood.

Many elemental attack spells listed here list their damage type as 'Elemental'. When you prepare such a spell, you may choose one of ten options, based on your available material components. Each type of elemental damage also has a specific arcane affliction tied to it. An Elemental spell becomes Petrifying (earth/petrification), Rending (earth/force), Freezing (water/cold), Dissolving (water/acid), Choking (wood/poison), Enthralling (wood/psychic), Booming (wind/thunder), Shocking (wind/lightning), Flaming (flame/fire), or Shimmering (flame/radiant), depending on the type chosen. When you cast the spell, it causes damage and elemental afflictions (if any) of the chosen type.

Elementalism School of Magic

(wizard class feature)


(Level 0)

Class Metamagic

  • You gain the following metamagic:

Elemental Strike

(per-encounter free interruptelemental metamagic)




You would damage an enemy with a melee or ranged weapon attack, or an attack that deals an elemental damage type.



The attack deals an additional +1d6 elemental damage and automatically causes one elemental arcane affliction, in addition to any of its other effects.


If the original attack dealt a type of elemental damage, this effect deals the same type of damage and affliction. Otherwise, you may choose the elemental damage and affliction type that this spell inflicts.

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