Goblin BerserkerEdit

(small goblin humanoid)
(Level 1 Elite Striker - 200 XP)


At-Will Actions


+5 vs. Armor; 1d10 +5 slashing damage, or 2d10 + 9 slashing damage while raging.
On a critical hit, you are bleeding 5 ongoing damage until you shrug it off.

Goblin DodgeEdit

When missed by a melee attack, the goblin shifts 1 pace.

Per-Encounter Feats

Berserker RageEdit

(daily automatic reaction ✦ [[rage stance]])

goblin berserker


A goblin is bloodied or reduced to 0 hit points by an attack, or the Goblin Berserker bloodies or reduces a creature to 0 hit points.


The Goblin Berserker regains 15 hit points, and regains the use of Swift Charge, if expended. While he is in this stance, his battleax deals 2d10 + 8 slashing damage, and he has resistance to all damage while he is not dazed or stunned. He does not end this stance from taking damage, being dazed or stunned, or being knocked prone.

Swift ChargeEdit

(per-encounter immediate reaction ✦ [[trance]])

goblin berserker


The goblin activates Berserker Rage, or reduces an enemy to 0 hit points.


The goblin charges another enemy. He has a speed of 9 for this charge; if he hits, he deals 2d10 + 6 slashing damage, or 3d10 + 10 slashing damage while raging.

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