Goblin ShamanEdit

(small goblin humanoid)
(Level 1 Leader - 100 XP)


At-Will Actions

Bone Fetish

+5 vs. Armor; 1d6 +1 bashing damage.
On a critical hit, you are blinded until the end of this goblin's next turn.

Goblin Curse

Ranged 10 (provoking), +7 vs. Will; 1d4 +3 psychic damage, and you suffer a -3 penalty to all defenses until the end of this goblin's next turn.

Goblin DodgeEdit

When missed by a melee attack, the goblin shifts 1 pace.

Per-Encounter Feats

Quick DodgeEdit

(per-encounter free interrupt ✦ [[racial feat]])


The goblin would be hit by an attack.


The attacker must re-roll the attack roll and take the lower result.

Goblin MedicineEdit

(per-encounter standard action ✦ [[healing trance]])


Self, and each goblin adjacent to it.


Each non-minion goblin regains hit points equal to its reserve value + 1d4, and makes a free saving throw with a +3 bonus. Each minion goblin returns to full health. Each turn thereafter, roll 1d6: on a '6', this goblin regains the use of this power.

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