Goblin WitchEdit

(small goblin humanoid)
(Level 1 Controller - 100 XP)


At-Will Actions

Bone Fetish

+3 vs. Armor; 1d6 +1 bashing damage.
On a critical hit, you are blinded until the end of this goblin's next turn.


Ranged 10 (provoking), +7 vs. Will; 1d4 +4 psychic damage. If you are granting advantage, you are blinded until the end of your next turn.
On a critical hit, you are blinded until you dispel or shrug it off.

Goblin DodgeEdit

When missed by a melee attack, the goblin shifts 1 pace.

Per-Encounter Feats

Quick DodgeEdit

(per-encounter free interrupt ✦ [[racial feat]])


The goblin would be hit by an attack.


The attacker must re-roll the attack roll and take the lower result.

Cloud of HornetsEdit

(per-encounter standard action ✦ [[summoning trance]])


burst 1 zone centered within 5 paces.


The goblin summons a cloud of hornets in the target area. It moves 1d4 paces in a random direction each round (roll 1d8, 1 = north) at the beginning of this shaman's turn. Any non-minion creature that enters the cloud or begins its turn there takes 1d4 poison damage; minion creatures that enter the cloud or begin their turn there become bloodied if they were not already. Creatures in the cloud grant advantage to all creatures not in the cloud. The cloud is automatically destroyed by any area attack and ignores all other damage. Each turn thereafter, roll 1d6: on a '5' or '6', this goblin regains the use of this power.

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