(medium fey humanoid)

Hit Points:

Constitution score x2.
You gain a racial bonus to your maximum hit points equal to twice your character level.


6. You gain a +2 racial bonus to speed when charging.

Ability Bonus:

+2 Strength, +2 to any other ability score that is 16 or lower.


You gain training in Athletics, Intimidate, or one weapon group of your choice.


Common or Urgyn

Favored Class:

Any Barbarian class.

Racial Feats:

You may choose one of the following racial per-encounter feats:

Furious AssaultEdit

(per-encounter free interruptracial strike feat)


Half-orc, Goblin or Bugbear


You hit with a weapon or Primal attack.


The attack deals 1dW additional damage if it's a weapon attack, or 1d8 additional damage if it isn't.

Focus PainEdit

(per-encounter free reactionracial healing utility feat)


Half-orc or Bugbear


You become bloodied.


You regain hit points equal to your Constitution modifier. Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +1 racial bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Half-Orc (monster template)Edit

(medium fey humanoid)


  • +1 armor, +2 reflex, -1 fortitude
  • Speed 6; Speed 8 while charging.
  • If the monster is a non-minion, choose one:
    • If the monster has a per-encounter barbarian or weapon attack feat that deals damage, increase that feat's damage by +1dW or +1d8.
    • If the monster has a per-encounter feat that triggers on being bloodied, increase that power's healing by its Constitution modifier, and add to its effect block: "The half-orc gains +1 to all attack rolls and damage until the end of the encounter."

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