The Marshal focuses her martial prowess into teamwork and leadership, guiding and protecting her allies with keen insight and encouragement. The Marshal does not neglect her own combat abilities, however - she is equally at home on foot or in the saddle, wielding bow or blade, wearing leather or maille.

Marshal Class Features

The Marshal gains the following class features:

Weapon Proficiencies

As a fighter, the Marshal gains training with all weapon groups.

Armor Proficiencies

As a fighter, the Marshal gains training with light armor, heavy armor, and shields.

Magic Proficiencies

As a fighter, the Marshal cannot perform magic.

Skill Proficiencies

As a fighter, the Marshal gains training in Athletics and Endurance.
Additionally, combat leader grants training in Insight,
and inspiring presence grants training in Diplomacy.

Starting Feats

Combat Leader

(Marshal class feature)


(Level 0)

Class Maneuver

  • You gain the following maneuver:

Create Opportunity

(per-encounter immediate reactionstrike maneuver)


Combat Leader


You or an ally hits an enemy with an attack during your turn.


Each ally adjacent to you or the target may shift one square as a free reaction. Until the end of your next turn, each ally who can see or hear you gains a feat bonus to attack rolls against that enemy equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Inspiring Presence

(Marshal class feature)


(Level 0)

Class Maneuver

  • You gain the following maneuver:

Inspiring Shout

(per-encounter immediate actionhealing maneuver)


Inspiring Presence


You and each conscious ally within 5 paces that can see or hear you, or one adjacent ally.


Each target may spend a healing reserve, and may choose to either enter the full defense stance as a free reaction, or make one free saving throw as an automatic reaction with a stance bonus equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum +2).

Fighting Styles

Choose a Fighting Style to specialize in as you begin play. You may choose one or both of your at-will maneuvers from that fighting style.

Bare-handed Fighting Style

Training in unarmed or grappling, stunning blow.

Shield Fighting Style

Training in shields, no opening.

Polearm Fighting Style

Training in polearms, full extension.

Two-Weapon Fighting Style

Wield versatile weapons as off-hand, tornado strike.

Light Blade Fighting Style

Training in blades, blade crescendo.

Heavy Blade Fighting Style

Training in axes or swords, cleaving strike.

Flail Fighting Style

Training in flails, blade crescendo.

Spear Fighting Style

Training in spears, skewering charge.

Blunt Weapon Fighting Style

Training in bludgeons or hammers, bell ringer.

Thrown Weapon Fighting Style

Training in thrown weapons, flurry of darts.

Archery Fighting Style

Training in bows or crossbows, piercing shot.

Leveling Up

At each level, you gain new features and bonuses to increase your martial prowess:

Level 1

(1,000 XP)

Level 2

(3,000 XP)

Level 3

(6,000 XP)

Level 4

(10,000 XP)

Level 5

(15,000 XP)

Level 6

(21,000 XP)

Level 7

(28,000 XP)

Level 8

(36,000 XP)

Level 9

(45,000 XP)

Level 10

(55,000 XP)

Level 11

(65,000 XP)

  • You become a paragon hero, and your adventures pass beyond the scope of these rules.

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