At each odd level, a Fighter may choose a new class feature from the following options:

Martial VersatilityEdit

You gain two new Ranked maneuvers that you meet all criteria for.

Martial TrainingEdit

You gain training in one Skill, armor or weapon group of your choice that you do not already have Expertise in, and then gain one new Ranked maneuver that you meet all criteria for.

Fighting StyleEdit

You gain one new fighting style that you do not yet know.

Bare-Handed Fighting StyleEdit

unarmed or grappling training, stunning blow.

Shield Fighting StyleEdit

light shield or heavy shield training, no opening.

Two-Weapon Fighting StyleEdit

Bonuses when wielding two weapons, tornado strike.

Polearm Fighting StyleEdit

polearm training, full extension.

Light Blade Fighting StyleEdit

light blade training, blade crescendo.

Heavy Blade Fighting StyleEdit

axe or sword training, cleaving strike.

Blunt Weapon Fighting StyleEdit

bludgeon or hammer training, bell ringer.

Flail Fighting StyleEdit

flail training, ensnaring strike.

Thrown Weapon Fighting StyleEdit

thrown weapon training, flurry of darts.

Archery Fighting StyleEdit

bow or crossbow training, piercing shot.


You may choose one of the following eight role-based Fighter Class Features that you do not already possess. You gain that class feature and its accompanying bonuses, skill, and maneuver.

Weapon Master (Striker Feature)Edit

Craft, whirlwind strike, +1 Fortitude, +1 hit points/level

Martial Prowess (Striker Feature)Edit

Intimidate, power strike, +1 Reflex, Dexterity bonus to damage

Combat Challenge (Defender Feature)Edit

Intimidate, come and get it, +1 Fortitude, +1 hit points/level, Strength bonus to Intimidate

Combat Superiority (Defender Feature)Edit

Perception, sweeping strike, +1 Fortitude, +1 hit points/level, Wisdom bonus to opportunity attacks

Battle Awareness (Controller Feature)Edit

Perception, scout ahead, +1 Reflex, Wisdom bonus to Initiative

Tracker's Quarry (Controller Feature)Edit

Stealth, disrupting strike, +1 Reflex, designate quarry as an immediate action.

Combat Leader (Leader Feature)Edit

Insight, create opportunity, +1 Will, grant Intelligence bonus to Initiative

Inspiring Presence (Leader Feature)Edit

Diplomacy, inspiring shout, +1 Fortitude, +1 hit points/level, grant Charisma bonus to full defense

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