Characters may gain training in one or more skills, armor types, or weapon groups.

Certain actions, weapons, and armor have the trained only property.

  • An action with the 'trained only' property may only be attempted as a stunt, and suffers a -5 penalty to your check result. While you attempt the stunt, you grant advantage.
  • A weapon with the 'trained only' property may not be effectively wielded by a character who is untrained in any of that weapon's weapon groups. A character may attempt to attack with such a weapon, but they may not perform opportunity attacks or gain advantage, and they grant advantage as long as they are wielding the weapon.
  • Armor may also have the 'trained only' property. A character wearing armor with this property that they are not proficient in grants advantage as long as they wear the armor, and may not gain advantage.

When you are Proficient in a skill, additional Training grants you Expertise.

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