Random Ability ScoreEdit

To create a character using the Random Ability Score system, simply roll 4d6 six times, dropping the lowest die each time, and assign the sum of the highest three dice to an your ability score of your choice.

Next, assign your race's two ability modifiers, and continue with character creation.

If you wish, you can modify this system in one of the following ways:

  • You may choose to roll 21d6, drop the three lowest dice, and then group the remaining 18 into groups of 3, assigning the sum of each 3d6 group to an ability score.
  • You may choose to roll 4d6 seven times or even more, dropping the lowest die from each and dropping the lowest scores, leaving six scores to assign to abilities.
  • The truly old-school may wish to roll 3d6, six times, in order.

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