Spirit speaker is a Shaman class feature which helps Barbarians to fulfill the controller role.

Spirit Speaker

(Shaman class feature)


(Level 0)

  • You gain training in the Diplomacy skill.
  • You and all allies who can hear you gain a class bonus to their Will defenses equal to your Charisma modifier.
  • You gain a class bonus to your maximum hit points equal to your level, or twice your level if you already received a class bonus to hit points.
  • You gain a spirit companion, which is an invisible, insubstantial minion creature that is always by your side. As an immediate action, you can summon your spirit companion to manifest in an adjacent space or bid it return to the spirit world.
  • While your spirit companion is manifest, it is visible and semi-solid as a medium creature. It has defenses equal to your own and a speed of 8, and you may move it up to its speed during each of your move actions. It has a single hit point, and a damage threshold equal to your heal value; any attack which deals more damage than that threshold banishes it back to the spirit world until re-summoned, while any attack which deals less damage is ignored. When your spirit companion is banished due to damage, you take psychic damage equal to your heal value.

Class Trance

  • You gain the following trance:

Nature's Wrath

(daily standard actionattack trance)


Spirit Speaker


Each enemy within 2 paces of you, and each enemy adjacent to an animal or spirit follower (Nature vs. Reflex).


2d6 + [ magic damage bonus ] + your level bashing damage, and the target is restrained until they escape or break free.


Half damage, and the target is knocked prone.

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