Telekinesis Magic manipulates force and motion. Telekinesis spells that deal damage deal typically damage of the force damage type unless they use telekinesis to wield weapons or physical objects against a target, in which case they inflict damage as weapon attacks. Telekinesis utility spells excel at movement and shielding.

Telekinetic summoning spells often craft consciousness from pure abstract thought, binding undiluted will to unfettered force and unleashing it on the battlefield.

Telekinesis School of Magic

(wizard class feature)


(Level 0)

Class Metamagic

  • You gain the following metamagic:

Flinging Force

(per-encounter free interruptstrike metamagic)




You would damage an enemy with a melee or ranged weapon attack, or an attack that deals force damage.


The attack deals an additional +1d6 force damage to that target, knocks the target prone, and flings the target a distance equal to half your magic damage bonus, in addition to any of its other effects.

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